“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.”–George Evans

Each session is customized to the needs, goals and abilities of the student. Here’s a look at the few ways in which I engage with them to provide one-on-one attention:

50-minute (In-person): In this session, I work together in person, one-on-one, on an activity selected for the student based on their level and ability.  Some activities are hands on, while others could be song, rhyming, games, stories, etc. These exercises are designed to accompany and enhance the child’s custom curriculum.

Wrapping up the lesson, the students leave with assigned homework to complete between sessions. The material is related to the new content from the current lesson. Upon completion of the session, parents receive a quick briefing on progress and how they can best help support their child.

50-Minute (Online): The objective is the same as a standard in-person session, but the format will differ. Prior to the lesson, students receive pamphlets and supporting paperwork (handouts) to print out. 

I meet online via Zoom, which has a digital whiteboard feature so students can interact with me during and after the session.  As with in-person sessions, the lessons are customized for the child based on the child’s initial evaluation and progress. To ensure a quality experience, the parent should provide a quiet area, free of distractions.

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