Reading development leads to growth

Customized Tutoring For Reading

No two children are the same therefore, no two lessons are the same. I base our instruction on your child’s strengths and weaknesses so I can build a lesson around them.

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In Person or E-Learning tutoring available

Providing a Foundation For Successful Reading/Writing

I work with children from kindergarten through sixth graders on all facets of reading, like phonemic awareness and fluency, with comprehension as the ultimate goal.

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Clean environment cleaned after each session

Tutoring that Gets Results

I offer evidence- based, multi-sensory, intensive reading intervention for struggling readers who need a different approach to succeed.

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Hi, I’m Emily, with Reading Adventures.

I’m a certified reading specialist and tutorer in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I love reading and all things related.  I know I can help you and your child improve their reading comprehension.  Through the years, I have helped hundreds of children reach their potential, improve their reading levels, and develop the habits they need to succeed in all subjects. 

So, give me a call or send me an email and let’s discuss your concerns and let me show you how I can unlock your child’s potential and guide them through their reading adventure.  I am here to help you and your child; my purpose is to ensure your child’s success.

Hi, I am Emily. I would love to be your tutor! This photo was taken in front of my favorite Free little Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

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